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Shortcuts to Shorten your Day

Never thought you could learn anything new? We found the ultimate guide to shortcuts on your keyboard, irrespective of the type of computer.

Adding Plants to your Work Space

Having plants and flowers around your office doesn’t just brighten your workplace, it has also been shown to bring a range of psychological benefits to you and your colleagues.

Travel Predictions for 2017

Inspired by a wealth of data, traveller endorsements, reviews, preferences and insights, the experts shed light on major travel predictions for 2017.



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Event Diary

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IT&CM China 2017 | 21 23 March 201 6 | Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

CTW China is the market's answer to the proliferation of corporate travel management activies, including business travel & entertainment (T&E) as well as Meetings & Events (M&E), for Chinese-grown companies and multi-national corporations based in China.

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