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Senior secretaries, PAs and EAs are a group of highly influential business people. Many have built their careers alongside their bosses in powerful professional partnerships and as a result it's not uncommon for board level directors put as much faith and trust in their PAs as they do their fellow directors - perhaps more. No wonder PAs have such strong specifying and recommendation powers. 

EAs and PAs have historically had close links with human resources and facilities management and their diversity of responsibility can range from ordering pens and paper, through to career development planning for staff, to organising a cosy company get together for 700 people! No other job role has such direct input into so many areas of a business. 

PAs have always been the biggest group of direct bookers of meetings and business travel and they also represent a substantial clientbase for professional conference organisers (PCOs) - intermediaries seeking to organise business events on behalf of the PA. However, the increasing use of online bookings together with improved transparency in charges has meant that business destinations and venues now recognise PAs as a primary audience and want to reach them directly. Even the longstanding MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry magazines that publish for the professional intermediary have now added PAs to their wishlist of desired readers.  PAs are now THE major market for the MICE industry and Executive PA Magazine is THE trusted brand for high level PAs and EAs. 

1/ Executive PA Magazine is the only magazine brand solely for senior Asia based PAs and PAs based outside Asia but booking Asian destinations.

2/ With a presence in Asia, Australia and Europe we truly are a global brand

3/ Launched by the Daily Mail Group over 20 years Executive PA Magazine is an established and trusted brand and as all of our titles are independently audited you have the security of working in a trusted partnership with confidence.

4/ PAs and EAs use and rely on the information we provide because it has been produced for them and no one else. So if you are looking to reach this incredibly valuable group of people we are the brand to work with.

For information on our range or products call the team on +61 73839 4911, or email  James Brome


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