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Australia/ASIA Pacific

Russell Peacock - Chairman
Email: russell@executivepa.com.au

James Brome  - General Manager Asia Pacific
Email: james@executivepa.asia



Kirstie Bedford - Editorial
Email: kirstie@executivepa.asia

Suresh Seneviratne  - Media Sales Executive
Email: suresh@executivepa.asia


Ella Hannah - Administration Manager
Email: ella@executivepa.com.au

Daniel Brown - Digital Media
Email: daniel@executivepa.asia


Australia / NZ

James Brome  - Advertising & Sponsorship
Email: james.brome@executivepa.com.au


UK / Europe / Middle-East 

Stephan Pavlovic  - Advertising & sponsorship
Email: stephan.pavlovic@solutionspublish.co.uk

Sam Anderson  - Administration and Events Manager
Email: sam@executivepa.com

Oliver Eldridge  - Media Sales Executive
Email: oliver@executivepa.com



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