Workload Paralysis

The busier you get, the less work you seem to do. Sound familiar? There’s a fix for that.


Ending Over-Commitment

It’s possible to apply a simple formula in order to ensure you don’t overpack your day, according to the folks at Harvard.


Stop sighing over the incomplete jobs on the To-Do list

Instead of looking at what you didn't get done on your list, here’s a few tips on how to evaluate your day. 


Motivating Lazy Colleagues

The job is hard enough without a member of the team hiding behind other ‘priorities’ to avoid the heavy lifting. But one simple invitation could change their engagement.


China Eastern Airlines signs on as new CTW China airline sponsor

The prospect of 100 major corporate buyers from across China and the region at this year’s CTW China has prompted China Eastern Airlines to partner with China’s leading corporate travel conference as its new airline sponsor. 


Advice given to Execs about how to manage their PA

You may be privy to the information contained in your company’s manuals about how to achieve efficiency within the firm's workflow, but do you know what the business coaches are saying about managing PAs? Read on…


Make an instant customised resume from your LinkedIn Account

You should already know about LinkedIn’s resume builder, but this service allows for greater customisation.


30 Easy Ways to Lose an Argument

Nobody actually “wins” an arguement, and the bad feelings it generates can make for a toxic environment. Any “win” is generally shallow. While you may just be having a good natured but fiery debate, here are 30 sure ways to come off second best.

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