What not to love in the conference swag bag

That free stuff you pick-up at conferences and trade-shows sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. A few marketing honchos have gathered together their thoughts on the best and worst to expect in your free swag-bag.


7 habits of highly efficient office workers

Everyone wants to be the high performer, but boosting your own productivity can be tricky when all you’ve got to go on is “work harder”. One office equipment supply company has identified their top seven habits that often characterise highly efficient office workers. Do you agree?


Short on time to learn tech tips?

Take an online webtour instead.


Our lowdown on the new Apple Gear

This week, the much anticipated launch of a number of revamped Apple favourites took place in California. Here are the two best bits…


Are you Wired for Work?

If the last thing you do before bedtime is check your phone, you’re setting yourself-up for another poor night’s sleep. A few changes in your smart phone habits might turn your bedtime into better sleep time.


Legal pitfalls on business internationally

Travelling can be part of a PA’s role, either locally or across borders. An unlucky oversight can make the trip an unpleasant experience.

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