Summarise Lengthy Online Articles Quickly

You’ve been sent a link to a substantial online article, and need to present a 10 line summary to the boss by the end of the day. A new web app can do the heavy lifting for you.


Crossing the Line

Office romances can lead to long and loving relationships, but we all know of certain trysts that become dangerous liaisons.


Write Better Emails Now

As you write an email, would you like to know how it easy it is to read, and how likely it is to receive a response? There’s an app for that.


Avoiding a 90 Hour Work Week

It’s unhealthy and it’s dangerous, but for some people the drive to be seen as ‘successful’ leads to the inevitable ‘burnout’.


What to Do When you get Home

We’ve heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but what advice do you follow about what’s important in the ‘Down Time’?


Digital Wristband Measures Delegate Reaction at Events

Benefit from new tech that tells you what the audience thinks of your event.


Saving Face when you Reschedule a Meeting

Life gets in the way of work sometimes, but if you are fastidious about keeping appointments and are intolerant of late-comers, here’s how to make amends if you fall victim to an unavoidable delay.


Asking the Right Question

In the ‘olden days’ management courses would advise again ‘managing via memo’. Today, managing via ‘email’ is just as fatal.



Three Apps You Need to Try

We’re flooded with smartphone Apps and spoilt for choice. Here are three apps you might have missed, but are worth giving a try.

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