Office Design affecting Productivity

Lack of private space in office design is restricting the creativity and productivity of workers, according to data from two international workplace studies.


Working Remotely

A wealth of studies, news articles, and corporate white papers offer an array of amazing stats about remote work and the many benefits telecommuting offers to employers and workers alike. Here are a few


What You Never Knew about Office Stationery

We admit that stationery isn’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking of interesting small talk. But the tools we use each day and take for granted do have some stories to tell about their origin.


Staying Motivated in the Office

There are many distractions at this time of year. So what are the best ways to stay motivated at work when your thoughts or priorities are elsewhere? Here are some tips.



2016 has flown by and our 2017 diaries are already filling up quickly.

However, it’s good to take a breath from time to time, sit back, take stock of achievements and celebrate.

In 2016 we connected with over 250,000 personal assistants, printed over 1000 pages of training & professional development and hosted over 30 dedicated Executive PA Magazine events all over the world.


Career Change Resume Must-Haves

With the year drawing to an end, perhaps you are thinking of what 2017 might bring? If a career or job change is waiting in the wings, here are a few tips to give your CV some extra punch.


Travelling across Town for that Meeting

Think the traffic in your city is bad? This survey lists more than 170 cities ranked in terms of their on-road traffic, and it’s updated regularly.


Regain Lost Time

As the end of the year approaches, we sometimes reflect on where all the time went. While some projects neatly wound up into a nice bundle, others seem to linger and inevitably push into the new year.  Here are three habits from psychologist Alison Hill to help you stretch time so that you begin to use it to your advantage, rather than being chased down by it.


Survey Identifies the Biggest Office Complaint

You might hate the décor, the noisy office eater or the lack of parking, but a recent survey has identified the major complaint amongst office workers.


Beat Jet Lag this coming Travel Season

Everybody has a plan when it comes to beating jet lag. Perhaps you push through the day, only to wake at 3AM? Or do you have a short nap upon arrival and then suffer flight hangover for the next half day? Here’s an online tool that helps to prepare for your destination’s time zone before you embark on your journey.


Shortcuts to Shorten your Day

Never thought you could learn anything new? We found the ultimate guide to shortcuts on your keyboard, irrespective of the type of computer.

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