Are you on Target to Confidently Negotiate Salary

Around one third of women in the workforce lack confidence to ask for a raise, compared to just one fifth of men. Ready to justify a salary increase?


Get the Right Message Offline with this Translator upgrade

Google translate is an amazing translator of almost any piece of foreign text into your own language, virtually by a simple ‘copy and paste’. Now Microsoft has raised the stakes.


Oh No! Another post about Doing Less

Being busy is the new black. It’s the proven path to being productive and hitting the project finish line with more than hours to spare. So, to be balanced, let’s take a look at the case for ‘goofing-off.’


Self Parking Office Chairs. Yes, Exactly

We had to check, just in case this was a hoax. Apparently it’s “legit”. These office chairs make their own way back to the workstation neatly and efficiently.


PA Portrayal by Kristen Stewart

We caught this moving film on TV recently. It’s a worthy portrayal of the relationship between a once great French film star and her younger personal assistant.


Word your Email with Strength

Set a professional tone with a plug-in for Gmail users.


The Open Plan Office of the Future

Open plan offices have their disadvantages. While assisting with collaboration and teamwork, an open plan office can also cause plenty of distractions. Here’s just one possible solution.


Fresh Air = Fresher Thinking

The quality of the air in your office can make a big difference to the quality of your work.

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