Getting on with Work

Growing up, attending college and finding a job requires discipline to reach even the fundamental goal of getting your work done. Can the strategies required be refashioned for use in the workday?


Working 9 to 5 can be Deadly

Experts say adults who sit down for at least eight hours every day must do at least an hour’s daily exercise to undo all the harm.



Temptation Too Great

The one single trait held above all others when working as an Executive Personal Assistant is ‘Trust”. But another has found the temptation too great.


How the World Books Travel

Are you keeping up with the booking trends set by regular business travellers? Or is your perspective old-fashioned and costly? This report brings you up-to-date.


Competition from The Small End of Town

For years, tech giants like Google and Apple have said their greatest fear is competition from a couple of geeks ‘coding’ in their garage. The small end of town is now giving the big players a run for their money. And office professionals are the winners.


Future Tech for The Mind

Technology in the future won’t just deal with how we work and the things we use every day in the office. It may even change the way we think and react to both good and difficult situations.


Mistaken for your Manager's Spouse

PAs and managers work hand-in-hand (figuratively at least), but have you ever been mistaken for your manager’s partner?


Plotting the Day in Excel

This fastidious time-keeper keeps his life in an Excel file. Do you have a boss like this?


Join the Discussion

We've just launched a Linkedin group page for all Senior PAs, EAs, VAs & aspiring EA professionals and I would like to personally invite you, wherever you may be working in the world, to join our global community and get involved.


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Feeling Strong in the Workplace

Being seen as a “strong” person in the workplace means different things between men and women. Here’s why it can be a struggle.

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