The Sinful Seven

Which seven innocuous items in your office could lead to a data breach or identity theft?


Annoying Email

The average worker receives 1728 pointless emails in a typical year. Emails detailing trivial information such as ‘organising a fundraiser’, ‘please sponsor me’ and the reams of polite ‘happy birthday’ emails topped the list of irritating topics.


Make Meetings more Efficient…and Quicker

In just 59 seconds, this tip will make even the most important meeting faster, while also determining the best outcome.


Take a Rounded View of Tasks

Want to take a different view of your To-Do list? To Round takes a new approach to organising tasks by putting each task into a bubble. For Android and iPhone.


Sending an Email was Awkward in 1984

While George Orwell wrote of a terrible dystopia expected in 1984, we fell very short of expectations, particularly in terms of office technology that today's PA takes for granted.

It’s almost too hideous to watch. Aside from the terrible furnishings, fashion and stilted presentation, the manner in which email originally had to be sent in the mid-1980s certainly did not represent competition to the post office or the fax machine.


MS PowerPoint remains Popular

Love it or loathe it, there are fundamental rules to follow, ensuring your PowerPoint presentations remains memorable.


Before you accept that cool new job…

…make sure you read this. Here’s a few red flags that indicate a toxic place to work.



What You Need to Succeed

Let’s take a look at the expected qualities of a PA or EA in another part of the world.


3 Minutes to Measure your Task Focus

If you find it hard to concentrate in an open plan office, or think you can work despite the office renovation upstairs (jackhammer and all), try this quick online game that measures your ability to focus against other worldwide results.

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