Mandela’s PA finally receives proceeds of Will

Nelson Mandela's Personal Assistant receives cash bequest from his Will, years after his death.


The Perk Most Sought by Office Workers

A worldwide survey has identified the one key perk loved by those of us who primarily work behind a desk. Can you guess what it is?


Make Your Chair Height Perfect

Still haven’t embraced the heath benefits of a standing desk? OK, we forgive you. But at least make sure your chair is the correct height.


Say it the Right Way

It’s common knowledge that first impressions are made within seconds of meeting someone. But the tone of your voice can leaving an even more lasting impression, but not necessarily a good one.


Popular iPhone Calendar App to Close

Technology is a continually moving feast. A Microsoft acquired app for the iPhone is about to get a new 'Outlook'. If you use it, here’s what you need to do.


Study shows Longer Hours equal Less Productivity

If you’re spending more than 50 hours per week concerned with work, you not only risk ‘burn-out’ but you’re probably not getting any more done.


Prison-time for PA’s £264k Spending Spree

A personal assistant who doctored company credit card statements to try and conceal her incredible £264,000 spending spree  (on flights, a car, in Costco and House of Fraser) has been given a custodial sentence.


Experiential Travel and Events

Experiential travel and events go beyond simply visiting a destination and checking in to a five-star hotel. It is about travelling and experiencing deeper, developing an understanding of and building relationships with the places visited.


“Today's EA must be more equipped, more versatile, even more confident"

Worldwide, the role of EAs and PAs is highly regarded and recognised, as this comment from the recent Botswana office managers convention shows.

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