Meaningful Questions While Networking

Time is short. There are deadlines to meet. But networking is an important part of any working person’s life. How do you make the most of it in a short period of time?


Managing Difficult People

You can try to do a psychological analysis of why someone appears obstructive and unhelpful, or try a few of these techniques to manoeuvre around the difficulties.


Better Google searches using these Tips

Google is great, and it’s rare to find anybody using a different search engine. But do you know all the tricks a Google search can perform?


The Grammar Nanna Strikes Again

Loose vs Lose, Affect vs Effect. Here’s a quick guide to the most common English language grammatical errors.


Great Tips for Better Business Presentations

It’s likely because you’re a great PA, people assume you are great at everything. But how are your business presentation skills? 


Reminder: MS Word short-cuts to shorten your day

Use these 8 MS Word short cuts to become an MS Office star, most of which you should already know.


PA of the Year for Asia - Winner decided

Executive PA Magazine's PA of the Year for Asia for 2016 has been decided.


Fall back in love with your Job

Filling your to-do list with nothing but daily action items is making it easier for you to fall out of love with your work. Here’s an approach to turn that around.


Stand Out on LinkedIn

The leading ‘social network’ for ‘grown-ups’ is great for making contacts and for recruitment. But is your online profile living up to your followers’ expectations?


Managing Sick Days

Sometimes it's hard not to feel guilty when you really are too sick to travel to work, but there is still plenty of work to get done at the office.


TECH UPDATE: Google integrates Maps, Calendar and Contacts

An update to Google Maps on Android integrates your Google Calendar events and Google contacts into Google Maps.


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