It Should Not be about your Attire. But Sometimes It Is

Fashion can be superficial, but ‘dress-code’ is often integral to expectations in the workplace. Is your attire acceptable? A few designers have their say.


LinkedIn reveals new Engagement Plans

Expect better and more appropriate content on LinkedIn’s newsfeed, and an improved messaging system.  LinkedIn has recently launched new technology and products aimed at having us stay on its site for longer, as well as helping to make us more productive.


Keep the Boss Productive when Travelling

Does your boss suffer a loss of productivity when on the road? There are ways of ensuring that corporate travel doesn’t leave a trail of unfinished business to catch-up on upon his or her return.


Travel Pro Tips for Maximising the Luggage Allowance

The company might be paying for that business trip or conference, but there will still be an expectation to limit your baggage in flight. Here’s a few ways to pack more and get better value out of the space you have.


TickTick updates deserve a LookLook

This “To-Do” app for both Android and Apple ticks many boxes, particularly with new improvements. 


Office Dynamics and Leadership

Team leaders, mentors, collaborators…what sort of leadership matrix is familiar to you?


Power Plug Problems

It’s no fun arriving in a country and discovering that the power plug adaptor you travel with is incompatible in just this one place. So, we asked around and found this guide to the most used power plugs found in some of the most popular countries visited. 

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