Productive Office Secrets

Office professionals work an average of 45 hours a week or more, but at least 17 of those hours are considered unproductive.


Daytime Exercise generates Positive Results

Research finds that busy office professionals who exercise during the day feel better and more productive.


Green Office Environments linked with Better Thinking

People who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide have significantly higher cognitive scores—in crucial areas such as responding to a crisis or developing strategy—than those who work in offices with typical levels.


Performance Review Peril

Business study shows office workers waste time and tears over performance reviews.


Would You Walk Out of this EA Interview?

Undergoing an interview for a new job is daunting. But are the requests asked of Executive PAs going a little too far?


Cut the Distracting Office Chatter

In an open plan office, talkative coworkers can be an unnecessary distraction. Here are few suggestions on how to approach the subject, without becoming Enemy Number 1 to your noisy colleague.


PA Accolade for Wisdom Book

A new book sharing knowledge gained from years on the job around the world wins recognition.


Hotel Room Workout

It’s tough to keep in shape. Harder still is doing so (or sticking with a routine) when you are on the road. If your hotel does not have a gym, you either take the risk of jogging in an unfamiliar area, or forgetting it altogether.


Technology Finally Explained

Can you think of any job in your office that doesn’t make use of a computer? Even the most mechanical of jobs requires the checking of rosters, contact details or locations generally stored in your phone at least. But what do you do when the IT guy coming to upgrade your workstation starts talking a language you simply don’t understand?


Quit the Cliches

If you are becoming tired of the corporate-speak being heard around the office, we have a new infographic to pin to the company notice board.

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