Word Economy

It might have been some time ago when you last sat through an English language class. As we begin to write more and more via email, and subsequently speak over the phone less and less, our written language can become long, stilted, verbose and plain boring. 


Virtual Venue Tours heat-up the Conferencing Competition

Disney Business Solutions is the latest of many conference venue operators now using smartphone apps to launch 360° virtual tours of hotels, convention centres and business spaces.


Executive PA Media Launch FINEST 2017

Very happy with our latest showcase. FINEST - Our 2017 handpicked selection of offerings and guides on regions and destinations to view at your leisure. Available in Australia and the UK.


Over Achievers Might Be Toxic

Harvard Business School researchers have profiled toxic workers, analysing data from 50,000 employees at 11 companies, and their cost to a business can be irreparable. 


Best Business Travel Tips

You might not be on the road very much, or some of your office colleagues might always be away. Whether you live out of a suitcase, or take trips now and again, here are some tips to make travel annoyances more bearable


Announcement - New awards category - PA of the Year SCANDINAVIA

 Calling all Scandinavia EAs and PAs. 

The world's oldest and largest awards for personal assistants now has a category for Scandinavia based PAs, who are all warmly invited to nominate and enter


The Email Sign-off that results in the Most Replies

No one wants to write an email to have it merely ignored. So what’s the best way to end your message that actually gets a response?


Shortcut List to Top Them All

We love sharing shortcuts here on the Executive PA Magazine website. This bumper crop of recently collated gems arrived via email, and it’s too good not to share.


High Demands on Hollywood PAs

Tintseltown’s Rob Lowe raised a few eyebrows (and readers’ blood pressure) when the job description for his personal PA recruitment was posted online.

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