EAs planning more interstate & overseas events than professional event managers

Findings from a recent survey by Executive PA Media, shows that Australia-based assistants are busy putting together interstate and overseas events.


The best PAs transcend KPIs

Perhaps there was a time when key performance indicators for employees were useful but KPI-happy organisations that contrive dubious scorecards for every employee have rendered these measurements meaningless.


How to ask for more

The 2017 Robert Walters Global Salary Survey predicted earlier this year that PAs would be some of the most likely professionals to benefit from a pay rise this year. But if your boss hasn’t approached you yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t raise the topic. 


Think before you tweet

Those innocent little 140 characters could be more damaging to your career than you think – especially if you’re sat at your computer or Tweeting from your phone late at night.


The office of the future

An Italian design firm has unveiled the office 3.0 – creating an office for the future which adapts in real-time to users’ needs. Carlo Ratti Association, in partnership with Fiat Chrysler, totally transformed the office HQ of the Agnelli Foundation. 


Wait – it’s probably a scam…!

High profile and extensive breaches of cyber security have us all wondering about how safe our files, computers, and reputations are online, writes Tim Stackpool


The Future of Recruitment

Just as the way we work has evolved so too has the way we hire. This issue our Thought Leaders explore the future of recruitment by Simon King and Cora Lydon

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