Hours Wasted waiting for Slow-Tech

Office workers waste more time on 'slow-tech' than they spend on holiday.



Security Update: Hacked email accounts being sold online

It’s unlikely that you have any official business accounts based on Gmail and Yahoo, but if you think you have nonetheless been affected, update your passwords immediately.


How the world sees your role

Every day, you work as an Executive Assistant, diplomat, host, gatekeeper, organiser, presentation builder and more. Does that differ worldwide?


The Happiest Workers in the World

March 20 is recognised as World Happiness Day. Most will say that consistently the citizens of Norway, Denmark or Switzerland are the happiest because of the famous World Happiness Report that the United Nations releases. Others, perhaps citing a different report on global emotions, will conclude that Latin Americans are the happiest people in the world. Who is right?


Being Organised leads to Better Productivity

How many of this office stationery favourite do you use in a week?


Extrovert vs Introvert

The workplace takes all type of personalities to make an organisation tick. A more introverted person can find it frustrating having spent a load of energy putting yourself out there and trying to sell yourself proactively, only to find a more ‘dynamic’ personality scores the role. Here’s a few ways to survive that process.


Inspiration with just a Click

Distraction can often help solve a problem. But before you delve down the YouTube rabbit hole, a simple online click might deliver the brain spark you need.


Where Innovators Work

A new report reveals the workplace secrets of the most creative and innovative companies. The survey finds a direct link between workspace design and innovation.

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